Why “Mind the Gap”?

“Mind the gap between the train and the platform…” We loved hearing this quote as it was broadcast throughout the  London Underground stations. Recorded by a woman with an elegant British accent, the saying was repeated every time we hopped on and off the Tube.  Since our vision trip, this beloved phrase has become a part of our lives as we hear the girls reciting it in the back of the car or as the ringtone for my cell phone.  This iconic sentence has also taken on a whole new level of significance.  The expression, “mind the gap,” reminds our family to be conscious of the distance that occurs between our Savior and us when our eyes are not focused on Him. Whether a little crack in our heart or an ever widening separation between the Holy Spirit and our soul, there is no gap too vast for God that He can’t cover up, fill in, or build a bridge over.  So, when earthquakes hit and life is unstable, we remember to look up and ask, “Lord, how’s my gap?”

– Jennifer West

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