A World like This by Elly West


A World like This

by our daughter Elly


I pulled up the anchor and tossed the rope,

Wind launched the ship forward and I set sail.

Adventure and safety for I did hope,

When suddenly a storm was on my tail.


The thunder crashed as loud as a gunshot.

Losing control and gaining frustration,

I fight against the wind all on my own

Feeling like I fought against a nation.


Finally realizing I was a fraud,

I wanted to live my life for God.

Faithfully, for dry land, I sent a dove

And I hoped once again to find God’s love.


To God I surrendered the ship’s great wheel

And realized that the wind was leading me.

Soon humbled by this, to God I did kneel

And trusted him to save me from the sea.


I finally arrived at heaven’s shores,

God had saved me from my own damnation.

It is over now, my personal wars,

In Him He grants me perfect salvation.


Christ has led me out of the great unknown,

My heart is overwhelmed with perfect bliss.

He’s waiting for me on His golden throne,

I would die to live in a world like this.


  1. Thank you for sharing – so powerful!

  2. Sweet Elly! Your poem made me want the Lord’s way all over again.
    What a blessing you are. Thank you!

  3. May the Lord continue to bless you as you write such powerful inspirational verse that guides us all into deeper and deeper faith. Love you,

  4. Beautiful, Elly! Keep writing!


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