The Wests

Our Family We are a Christian family of 5 eagerly following the call of Christ to accomplish long-term ministry in Europe. Five years ago, we were the typical family pursuing the American dream only to have God flip our 30 year plan into His eternal plan. That meant giving up all that we had and all that we knew to serve God in a whole new way. Selling our home and belongings to move into Mark’s parents’ home as preparation to relocate overseas was a challenge. However, even with all our girls crammed into one bedroom and Mark & me back in his childhood room, we are excited to be at this part of our journey. Seeing God work miraculously as we step forward, feeling His presence in the midst of the chaos, watching lives change on account of our obedience makes all the effort worthwhile.


I am the mother of 3 delightful daughters (Olivia, Ellina, & Helena) & wife to one awesome dude. Mark is an accounting/business controller and is looking forward to using the gifts God has given him in a new way.  Once we have raised 100% of our support, we will be able to pull up our tent posts, catch a plane and begin ministry in Europe.  This is a huge prayer of ours.  Won’t you pray with us? 🙂



Olivia is our oldest and currently taking classes at Fullerton College.  Surfing with dad is Liv’s favorite past time and she loves making early morning sessions as often as possible.  Livi’s vivacious personality and Christ-like spirit draw people to her.  She is a leader who will use her gifts to embolden others and encourage them to stand strong in their faith.  Liv had the privilege of serving on a two week mission trip to Prague in 2014 where she befriended Czech kids at an English camp and also spent ten days in London during 2016 supporting the local church and having evangelistic conversations throughout the city.


Ellina loves to be outdoors. Ziplining with dad and hanging at the beach are favorites, but nothing compares to her love of riding horses. She’s an English style rider, adores jumping, and is ecstatic about experiencing horse jumping in a whole new country.  Along with Elle’s adventurous nature, God has blessed her with a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit which enables her to connect with hurting hearts everywhere. Elle’s gift of mercy and gentle nature will serve her well wherever God places her.  If the Lord shows her a way to combine horses, ziplines, and missions He will be fulfilling her ultimate dream job. 


Helena is affectionately known as “Beamer.” Living up to her nickname, she radiates light and God’s love to all around her.  Kids are drawn to Helena because they feel her unconditional love and acceptance.  Her motto is “Forgive, forget, and let’s move on!”  Beamer is happy doing just about anything, but her favorites are helping out at church, going to Knott’s Berry Farm with dad and hanging out with her cousin. The Lord has endowed her with an exceptional amount of pure joy which we know He will use mightily!