Contemplating $400

I need to put the breaks on and just stop. Life is radical and moves so quickly that taking a moment to reflect upon the nearness of our move has been unattainable.  Right now, however, with one girl asleep, one gone at work and one at church, the house is quiet and I can contemplate our current circumstance.

In a presentation this morning Mark stated that we are just $600 away from being 100% supported. By the time we arrived home, our support had increased. At this moment, only $400 remains and then we can deploy. I need to just sit here and soak up this information.

It’s hard to believe that we are leaving the United States to live in Budapest for good. (Or, as long as the Lord wants us there.)  Our ability to serve other missionaries throughout Europe and the people of Budapest is made possible by God and the sacrifice, love & trust of over 120 supporters who believe in our family, ministry, & the Lord’s Kingdom work. “Overwhelmed”, “humbled”, “awe-struck”… no words do my feelings justice at this moment.

We came into this life of missions with nothing. Beginning our support raising 2 years ago with only a handful of family and friends from the past, God connected us with old and new sweet friends and acquaintances who have enriched our lives and committed to pray and partner with us financially. We could not do this without every single person, every single prayer, every single dime, every single encouraging word, every single smile… nothing has gone unnoticed, EVERYTHING & EVERYONE is cherished.  When the last $400 of monthly support is in and we can buy our plane tickets, I know I will sit completely astounded thinking, “God, you actually did it! All of the dreams and desires you placed within us sooo long ago have come to fruition. We have the privilege of actually serving you in Europe. Wow, thank you Lord.” 🙂


  1. I’m astonished right with you, Jen. I will continue to lift your family up in prayer now and always, and I am looking forward to the blig pists from Budapest. <3

  2. So excited to see this all happen!! I look forward to coming to Budapest and see what your family is a part of over there <3

  3. Jenn and Mark – we are also so amazed and God’s faithfulness and at yours! I know this has not been an easy journey, and we are so excited for the work and life that God has for you in Budapest! $400 is less than a drop in the bucket to our God of “cattle on 1000 hills”. We are praying!


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