Frequently Asked Questions

When do you plan on moving to Europe?

Once we have raised 100% of our ongoing monthly financial support and start up costs we can deploy to Europe. 

Why Europe?
  • To see peoples’ lives transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Less than 2% of the 740 million Europeans are Evangelical Christians who follow Jesus.
  • Europe is the place where the global battle for the Gospel is being fought.  The greatest belief system is not Islam, Hinduism, etc., but rather the fastest growing religion of ‘Unbelief’.
  • Church and the Bible have become irrelevant. In The Netherlands alone it is projected that 700 churches will be closing over the next 4 years to make way for bars, skate parks, apartments, etc.. 
  • The Christian growth rate in Europe in the last century is the lowest in the world.
  • Global influence. Europe is the leading educator of international students in the world.
Where will you live and how long will you live there?

We will be living in Budapest, Hungary while serving all over Europe.  We understand how essential it is to build long-term relationships and how important it is to be effective missionaries, so we plan to live and serve in Europe for as long as the Lord directs.

What are your ministries about?

We will be serving with both ReachGlobal’s SERVEurope and Budapest City teams and as our team leader puts it “true life-change will come about as followers of Jesus penetrate neighborhoods and communities, acting as salt, light and leaven, living out their faith in the spaces God has prepared for them on the lanes and cultural highways of society.” The SERVEurope team networks with churches, trainers, and partners from around the world to resource the 30+ ReachGlobal city and leadership teams in Europe and North America to help each accomplish its vision. The functions our team performs are specifically designed to equip the city teams with greater gospel impact through assistance in areas they may lack expertise such as finances, media production, web design or event planning. As part of this work, we host conferences such as the Church Planting Institute and the biannual ReachGlobal Europe family conference. With the Budapest City Team our family will be serving in the Montazs outreach arts café, having evangelical conversations through Discovery Bible Studies, building relationships and loving on refugees in a temporary 1 year shelter, teaching English and participating in a women’s conversation club as a tool for sharing the gospel, and assisting with youth and teen summer camps.

What experience do you have and what training have you received that has prepared you for ministry abroad?

For the past 25 years the Lord has been preparing Mark for a position such as this.  He graduated with a degree in Business Administration/Accounting, worked with an international air cargo company before starting a business as an independent contractor to over 60 small businesses and is now an Accounting Controller in his current position.  Jennifer has organized events and conferences for schools and corporations using her gift of administration and received her degree in Art History.  Our preparation for career missions includes a course in Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, Missionaries-in-Training community group, Rooted Class Facilitators (a catalyst course for life-change in deepening your connection with God), short-term mission trips to Mexico, Panama, Rome, London, and Amsterdam.  In addition, ReachGlobal invests several weeks of live pre-field training, courses in online learning, support through their EQUIP team and shepherding from pastors to missionaries.  Other experiences include the international student ministry, children’s, women’s, MOPS leadership, home bible study leader and soccer ministries. Within our Sunday Community group we are serving in leadership and as mission coordinators, as well as project leaders on our church-wide Love Europe mission initiative.

What is the best time to begin supporting you financially?

As soon as you are able.  It is important for our ministry account to begin growing while we are still in the U.S. Preliminary expenses involved in beginning our ministry and the cost of moving our family to Europe are extensive.

How is your monthly support allocated?

61% Salary and living expenses

20% Benefits

7% Ministry Expenses

12% Service Allocation