*Mark Has Left the Building and a Timeline of What’s to Come*

Mark's last day has finally arrived! Yahoo! (Now full-time ministry & support raising can begin...)

It's over! Overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness & generosity of his former staff.

Six weeks after giving notice to his employer, we could not believe that the day for Mark to leave his job had finally arrived.  I was ecstatic.  How many times over the past 10 years have I stared into Mark's face and with total frustration pleaded, "Just quit."  Yet, being the uber responsible provider that he is, Mark kept trudging forward.  We always wondered, "What day will this job end? What will that day look like, feel like.  It seems so intangible."  Not anymore! Ha ha! After crawling out of bed this morning, I found him diligently typing away at the computer. Responding to and sending out emails to churches.  I just kind of stared at him and reflected, "This is a new day."  You know how we've yammered on about "stepping out of the boat" yada yada yada? Well, today is the first time I feel 100% out of the boat completely living with all faith and trust in the hands of God and it is a life changing, tremendous experience.  There are actually no words to describe it.  There is no turning back. There is honestly no way of crawling back into the boat even if I wanted to, which I don't.

We are all so proud and happy for Dad. Giddiness prevails!

A dear friend gave us a gift card for a celebratory dinner.  It's hard not to be silly if you're brought chopsticks, umbrellas, and fruit shaped like a big ole grin.  I mean, come on.

Current timeline:

Praise God that He brought us to 60% by the time we needed it!

Now, we have 2 months to raise $4,000 in recurring monthly support and pay off the remaining $35,000 in start up costs. (I have Bob the Builder on the brain, "Can we do it?! Yes we can!" More like, "Can God do it?! Yes, He can!")  This is why I think it can be done. Through wise counselors, prayer, a fleece, and a miracle (click here to read about this story: Resignation Letter & December Deployment) we came to the belief that:

  1. God wanted Mark to quit on or before Oct. 15th.
  2. If that be true, then He'd get us to the 60% required to pull a small salary from ReachGlobal.
  3. He has given us a deployment date of December.

Numbers 1 & 2 have come true, so why not believe that #3 will also.  For whatever reason, should December come and go and we're still livin in the garage, let "content" be our middle names.  It just means that y'all have to contend with us a bit longer. I-DON'T-CARE if we look foolish. I'm happy to look like a fool for the Lord when He is glorified. Besides, why not just believe the impossible?! I'm so tired of being a realistic pessimist, "I totally believe God can do it if He wants to, but more than likely it won't happen because it's not really realistic." Whatever!  Hey, he asked us to trust Him 100%! Not 50% with a backup plan! Are you kidding? I can't live that way. Not now. Not ever.

So, please pray that the Lord's will be done. Also, that He influences the people He desires for us to partner with and that they respond obediently and quickly, as well as any one-time special gift givers that could help us pay down that yummy $35,000.  If the balance isn't down to 0, we don't fly. With that said, Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner. (Can you tell where I'm going with this...) If you are making plans to give to your favorite charity this year, can we be your new favorite? Any special gift - no matter how big or small - is so appreciated.  Thank you for considering our family, praying with us and reading this crazy blog! xo


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  1. Stepping out of the boat is scary, but the Lord blesses our obedience. We will be praying for you! Thank you for responding to the call for spreading the Gospel in Hungary, our homeland!!! It is a country of lost souls. 🙁


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