The First Post

Wow. We’re finally ready to blog.  Any one of our family members can post, so it won’t be just me (Jennifer.)  This blog isn’t just about ministry either.  It is about family – the joys, the pitfalls, the exciting moments, the crocodile tears and how Jesus is a part of it all. We’ll ask for prayer – and lots of it because moving to another country to participate in the great commission is daunting. We need to feel the support and encouragement of friends and family now.

There will be more pictures and less words as compared to my last blog.  Since we are at a new level of our adventure, we felt it was time to start fresh.  But, if you want to read about our journey getting to this point, go to  I’m not sure how long that site will be up.  We’ll take it down eventually.

Ok, that’s it. Thank you for your love and wanting to be a part of our lives.  You make all the difference in that great big world of ours.

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  1. So excited for your family! Will be praying for His work in your journey!


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