We Are Still Here and This is Why

qYes, we are still here. We have not moved to Hungary just yet.  After MUCH prayer, counsel, and clear confirmation that Mark was to resign by October 15th and we were to pick a date to deploy we stepped out in faith.  Well, Mark left his job as planned, but we didn’t leave the country as hoped. Mercifully, God has tempered our disappointment by bestowing upon our family gifts to keep us content as we observe His greater plan unfold.  Let me share how we see God at work and why we have peace about remaining here longer.

On a whim, Liv applied for a dream job and was hired last month. At the same time, Elly experienced two awful events at the barn where she trains in equestrian jumping.  The time to investigate other options was at hand.  Dad found another place where Elle will ride more for less money and be taught all aspects of equitation. Say whaaat? Dream come true for her. If you are wondering about Helena, she’s become quite the burgeoning artist.  Last week free art & sketch lessons fell from the sky and she’s content with her social life, so all is well with the world. Hmmm, why is God bestowing these wonderful gifts now when we were hoping to leave? Here’s why…

The week before Christmas, Mark and I received word from ReachGlobal that attending second language acquisition school is a mandatory requirement for us prior to leaving the states. Based solely on our ministry with SERVEurope, this pre-field training wasn’t essential. However, our roles with the Budapest City Team require having a deeper understanding of Hungarian (considered one of the most difficult languages in the world). Therefore, gaining tools that make language learning easier is a necessity. The timing of this decision could only be of God due to these other God-given gifts occurring simultaneously within our family. Observing His hand orchestrating our lives gives us peace as we wait longer to deploy.

This training is only given a few times a year.  The next session is in Portland at the end of April for 2 weeks. Our desire is to move immediately upon our return in May.  Please hang in there with us, trust and see that this is all part of His perfect plan.  God has bestowed these gifts on the girls to help them during this extended time and is revealing to us why we have yet to be released. Yes we were a bit deflated with the news, but now we are excited to watch the Lord working!

Don’t think that support raising has stopped. It hasn’t! It’s actually ramped up! Our ministry accounts must be at 100% in order to leave.  We are grateful the Lord has used our time to enlighten people to the desperate need of the gospel in Europe. LESS than 2% of the entire continent is evangelical Christian. Less than 2%!!!  This percentage is decreasing further as the Lord moves (yes, HE moves) more and more refugees into Europe so they too can hear the gospel. Since there are now more Christians in Africa and Latin America than in Europe, missionaries are coming from those continents to Europe to spread the Word. Please pray with us for people to accept Christ in Europe and that more people will partner with us financially so we can go!


  • Fields of Gold by Andy Stanley has impacted our lives in regards to trusting and giving.  We have never been more encouraged and motivated than with this small book.  We would like to bless you with a copy of your own. Please email us and let us know if you’d like one.  It is our gift to you! Thank you for your generous support and believing in us. Thank you for your patience. We truly truly truly love you our brothers and sisters in Christ. xo


  1. Grace abounds! Yes, our desires can be overwhelming, but God provides and directs… you are faithful stewards and patient travelers! God is certainly preparing you in this season of transition! We rejoice with you and pray with expectant hearts for Language training and departure… love to all from us!

  2. So excited to hear about the way God is moving in all of your lives to bring His work to fruition. Love you and praying for you!

  3. The Lord asks us for endurance, patience, and perseverance. Thankful for the blessings all of the girls have been given. So hang in there and trust the Lord’s way to be the perfect way. We’re praying for all of you

  4. Hi Jenn and family, Thank you for updating us on your status with departing. I am so inspired by your letters as they are full of faith and give God the glory! We continue to uplift your family in prayer with your immediate goal of another language class. I admire your courage to learn a new language – and a difficult one at that! God is surely developing your character as you persevere in your faith. Love you!!!

  5. I’m just astounded by God and in your faithful trust in Him.

    Thank you for the update and know that I’m praying as always for His will to be done. 💗


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